Big red cutting box contains a minimum of 28 cuttings- no roots unless otherwise listed. The following succulents are included: Echeveria Big red, Sedum jester, Grapto supreme mottled variegation, G. David Cummings, G.Rubra, Sedum tornado "coral sedum", E. Lucita, Sedeveria Adolphii, Tradescantia purple and variegated forms, Sedum Cherry, Sedum wild fire, Dasyphyllum Lilac mound with roots, String of beans, E. Pappys rose- small, Crassula camp fire with roots, E. Copper canyon, Grapto Supreme large, Crassula brownia, Grapto bronze, E. Pulvicox, Crassula Ovata waves, Crassula Multicava "fairy crassula ", Vicks plant, Kalanchoe Marmarata, Crassula pellucida marginalis with roots, senecio blue trident, Orbea. These will not have individual name tags. Posted bare roots with minimal soil without pots or next day in store pick up. If certain types are not available they will be replaced with something else. Please note these are sent as a bulk pack and are not individually wrapped or labeled

Big red cutting box