Collectors cutting box contains a minimum of 30 cuttings- no roots unless otherwise listed. The following succulents are included: Sedum white diamond with roots, E. Fly to the sky, Donkeys tail-short leaf form, Graptopetulum claret, Saramentosa, Monkey tail-small, senecio serepens-miniature chalk sticks, E. Dark Vader small, Senecio stapelliformis, Kalanchoe Sexangularis, Kalanchoe Marmarata, Sedum Kimnachi, E. Jules, Variegated Dunce.cap, Fred Ives, G. purple delight/crystal, String of pearls, string of tears variegated, Tradescantia purple and variegated forms, Dasyphyllum Major, String of beans, Crassula camp fire with roots, E. Copper canyon, Grapto bronze, E. Pulvicox, Crassula Ovata waves, Sedum Lineare variegated with roots, senecio blue trident. These will not have individual name tags. Posted bare roots with minimal soil without pots or next day in store pick up

Collectors cutting box

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