Cutting pack - no roots unless otherwise stated-Frilly and Bumpy E. Mauna Loa, Grapto Supreme, Purple delight, Aeonium velour, Aeonium blushing beauty, Clavatum, Ovatum-silver, Fred Ives, Imbricata, sedum gold mound, campfire, Capri, tetragona, delosperma- purple flower, Blue feathers, multicava purple dragon, Grapto dusky, Starburst (pink hue), Pats pink/apricot glow,senecio lavender steps, hummels sunset, ovata variegated, saramentosa, saramentosa comet, Mendoza, dendroidium, chalk sticks, miniature chalk sticks, rubrotinctum-red jelly beans, pink ice plant, Grapto paraguayense, multiceps, lovely rose, muscosa, ciliata,crassula platyphylla, crassula papillon string form, fanfare, Maialen, lineare variegated, Kalanchoe variegated, dasyphyllum, sedum Opalina. This will require a large postal box so please keep that in mind. There will be no individual tagging or wrapping of plants although will be boxed tightly and securely for transit/postage. Minimum of 43 cuttings.

Mauna Loa cutting pack

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