Contains the following cuttings : Vicks, ciliata, Kalanchoe flowering hybrid, undulata waves, blue feathers, ovata -coral, vitalis, Graptoveria Supreme, multicava fairy crassula, Aeonium haworthii, Aeonium blushing beauty, Aeonium fairy wings, Gunsyn/timeout, MacDougallii, Fredives, Graptoveria Gilva, pat'spink/apricot glow, ericoides, dwarf chalk sticks, little missy, paraguayense, tetragona , Bennimusume, star burst, blue tridant, saramentosa , Kimnachi, tradescantia, ice plant, rubrotinctum, Maialen, campfire, comet etc. If certain types are not available they will be replaced with something else. Please note these are sent as a bulk pack and are not individually wrapped or labeled.. Minimum of 45 decent cuttings.

Mega mix cuttings pack