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General Care Instructions

We carefully clean and dry most succulents before wrapping. Those that have more delicate root systems will have as much soil removed as possible before being securely wrapped to ensure as little soil movement as possible. Any remaining soil fragments may filter through around the plants leaves during transit, although will wash off easily after replanting. We use recycled packaging where possible. We do not endorse the use of plastic plant tags and do not include these with our plants. We do send hand written wooden name tags and label each plants' wrap with its name.

Plants are sent bare roots with out pots. In store pick ups/click and collect plants will be in original pots/soil. Recycled boxes may be provided for transport. 

If there are any questions about plants upon delivery, contact must be made within the next 24 hours with pictures detailing questions/concerns. These concerns should to be to do with plant health and not damages that may have occurred in transit. Although we take the utmost care in packaging, the odd breakage is due to occur every now and then. Succulents are very hardy and will grow roots from broken stems etc. If you would like to purchase postal insurance before hand please let us know.

Please ensure your postage details supplied are correct as wrong addresses listed are not covered for loss or damage.

Lost packages are tracked via  tracking numbers, information will be supplied. We will contact Australia Post on your behalf, although finding lost packages and/or receiving compensation is a very lengthy process.  

All packages are tracked. All tracking is forwarded to our customers via their email c/o Australia Post

Postage is calculated automatically via the size and weight of the plant. Larger and heavier plants will incur a more expensive shipping rate. Our current shipping rates are Via Australia Post and are as follows:

Packages up to 1kg $14

Packages up to 2kg $16-$18

Packages up to 3kg $22

Packages up to 5kg $25.95

Packages up to 10kg $38

Packages up to 25kg $45

These prices are subject to change without notice.

Orders over $200 will receive free Postage within Australia. This is calculated automatically at the checkout. Please do not select pick up as your free postage option, as this will earmark your order as a pick up and not as a free delivery.

Larger orders may have to be packed in 2 or more boxes

Orders can take between 3 days to 2 weeks to arrive. As we use Australia Post for most deliveries, we are unable to control exact time periods of delivery windows. You, as the purchaser, are taking the risk to have your plants delivered by post. As plants have to be dried, wrapped and packaged, this may add extra transit time onto receiving your order. Most orders are posted out Monday, some midweek orders may also be posted out if time allows. We endeavour to move orders out as quick as possible. Same area deliveries/Sydney CBD may be shipped via Sendle and may arrive same/next day- this is not a service we use regularly as it is unreliable and does not reimburse claims for damage (as we have found by our own experience). Delicate plants will never be send via Sendle. Sendle orders elsewhere can take upto 16 days to arrive.

Currently we are upgrading all postage from standard to express. During this current covid climate packages can still take up to 7 days express, although express is priority.

We also reserve the right to change any pricing of our products with out notice.

SALES: as our online store is operated separately to our Vineyard nursery sales available online are not available inshore and visa-versa. Most products on our online store are one offs or limited stock and are often not available in our Vineyard nursery. AFTERPAY is available on our online store only at this time

STORE TO DOOR local delivery service: NOTE: Covid-Update: We are now operating Store to Door delivery within 20kms of our Vineyard store. 

We offer a next day local delivery service costing $25 where orders are delivered to your door contact free. Areas that are eligible for this service are often changing and are dependent on current COVID restrictions. If in doubt, save your cart and contact us to enquire if we deliver store to door in your area. Locked down LGA's may not be eligible at certain times. We may however be able to add your area as a one off delivery if we have other freight travelling through on specific days- in this case delivery will not be the next day and will be scheduled accordingly.


We do not do private sales as we do not HOLD stock due to many past problems. Available stock is placed on the website for purchase for everyone. We will alert customers when stock has been uploaded upon request only.

Customers are welcome to purchase plants in person from our Vineyard Nursery. Online only plants listed on the online store are not available in the nursery unless previously purchased online and marked for instore pick up.

INVOICE SALES: We may send invoices regarding our Facebook sales. Products are not held for invoice sales longer than 24 hours. If invoices are not paid within that time frame, plants are returned to stock. This is unfortunate, but it is a result of many past problems. Many plants, especially mixed pots are not available in bulk, and are often one off arrangements, so they will not be held awaiting payment after the previously mentioned allotted time period.


We do not return or exchange plants because of "Change of Mind". Please ensure you have considered your choices before purchase. If you have made any mistakes BEFORE plants have been shipped, please contact us ASAP as we do endeavour to help where we can. Once the plant is in your care, we are not held responsible for death or loss as we are not in control of the care it receives. Please follow care directions supplied with delivery or sent via email. Like all plants it is best to acclimatise them slowly to their new environment. 

We are not held responsible by damages caused by Australia post/Sendle. The consumer/customer understands the risk they are taking in shipping live plants via post and courier services. Australia post does have insurance of differing amounts, although the claims process is arduous and time consuming. Many photographs and further evidence must be supplied also. We do not apply any insurances with Sendle. We are not responsible for time delays of Australia Post. Succulents are very hardy and can easily survive up to 2 weeks in transit. They can come back from many dire situations. We do however understand the stress delays can cause to our customers and do follow the tracking of each delivery. We endeavour to work with our customers to come to a suitable solution when transit problems do arise.


Please note that when posting via Australia post we use paper wrap to ensure the plants are able to breath during transit and to reduce the chance of sweating. Plants are packed as tightly as possible to avoid movement and breakage. Photos of the wrapping and packing are available upon request up to a week after arriving. If there are any problems please contact us immediately upon receiving your plants.


Store to door deliveries are chosen the day of or day before and left in their original pots. Please note that hanging pots are usually not labelled with plant names. Please note that we often try to use cleaned, recycled pots when possible. Any previous text/information on the pots does not effect the plant, succulent names will be labelled by hand on the pot for reference.


Breakages do often occur during transit due to the fragility of the plants. Leaves that break free cleanly and plant limbs can be placed directly into soil if this occurs, and will re-root and grow a new plant. Do not water the first week or two of potting a cutting/breakage.


We do not use plastic tags as a thumbs up to the environment but have included paddle pop stick name tags with posted succulents. Plants have also been named on the outside of the wrap or marked on the pot. We try to use recycled packaging when possible to reduce our environmental footprint. We also encourage you to reuse the packaging in future or recycle where possible.


General care instructions are as follows: 


We grow our plants in full sun under white 50% shade cloth. This allows maximum light while safe guarding against UV burn during harsh summer conditions. If you have different conditions, please introduce your plants slowly to their new home, keeping an eye on them for sun damage if in full sun or etiolation in shaded areas. For best results please protect all plants from harsh midday summer sun. If not this can result in leaf burn, or stem burn as the point of soil surface. If either occurs, please note new growth from the centre of plant will be burn free if placed in an area away from harsh summer sun, stems that are burnt will re-root if placed in a more protected area, place stem in dry soil and refer to cutting information to recover. Try adding a ground cover succulent to the pot to protect the stems base where it meets the soil from harsh sun burn. This will help stop the soil from heating up at that vulnerable intersection.


Do not water within the first week to let the root system begin to develop. Sedums can require more watering than others to remain plump, but will not die from restricted watering, they can be potted and watered immediately in most cases. Do not water your succulents in times of high humidity and summer temperatures over 24 degrees. This contributes to plant and root rot as the heat and humidity “steam” the plants when wet. Most ground cover sedums are an acceptation to this rule.

If you are placing rock at the bottom of your pots to assist drainage, please note that a semi-permeable membrane, such as geo fab, should be placed in-between the rock layer and soil layer- this will stop air pockets between the rocks filling with sediment/soil. If this is not done, the spaces between rocks will fill with sediment and it will actually retain moisture around the roots for longer.


Head chops and cuttings will develop roots, root rate will be different depending on the plant. As cuttings have been dried they are fine to pop straight into the soil, it is best to wait a week or two before watering if roots have grown, you can spray the soil lightly with water to encourage root growth every few days but do not drench the soil- it may lead to plant stem rot. The best way to tell if your cuttings have roots without removing them from the soil is to give them a light little push with your finger and if they resist a little roots have formed and starting to secure the plant in the soil. Head chops can be left out longer until you see roots forming, or you can also place on soil top- watering the same as cuttings with a light mist until rooted. Keep in a shaded or protected area until ready to acclimatise to your environment. Larger head chops and Frillies/Bumpies can take months to develop roots as the plant lives off the energy in the leaves.

Please note that the term "Partial shade" does refer to bright shade. Plants that are to be protected from "Direct" sunlight, still need a very bright environment. Your plants will begin to etiolate - stretch for the sun if the light is not bright enough. This means they are also unable to produce enough food to support healthy growth and they will become susceptible to pests.

We use Systemic pesticides so be sure to remove flowers from your plants or hood them to prevent killing bees. This should be done for up to 3 months after receiving your plants from us. Thereafter it is unnecessary if you are not continuing the use of systemic pest control.


Plants may shrink a small bit while in transit and/or loose colour, they will plump up again after a period of watering and flourish once used to their new environment. Colouring of plants in photos may differ when the plant reaches its new home, depending on the time of the year. We try to update photos as often as we can.

We grow our own succulents from cuttings and leaf propagation. We do not use "death plugs" at all- ever. Some believe that plugs have no effect on plant growth but we believe, from past experience, that the root systems of succulents are unlike the root systems of other plants and the growth of succulents are definitely effected by the use of plugs. Some of our Mother plants were derived from stock that had their roots bound in fabric etc. The props made from these plants are twice as big and 100% heather and robust than the original mother plant. We believe this is due to the fact that plugs have not been used in our propagation methods.


If there are any other questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact.



Happy planting!